NDC Oslo 2016

It's time for NDC Oslo again - happening between 6-10 June 2016. I'm excited to be going there once again this year.

First two days I'll be taking a workshop on the topic of microservice development (with examples in NServiceBus). Originally the speaker was Udi Dahan but today I saw that for personal reasons Udi is not going to make it to the conference anymore. Instead, now Jimmy Bogard is going to give the workshop and I'm still up for it! I'm hoping to learn more than a few good practices and ideas
around building maintainable and resilient service oriented architectures.

After the workshop 3 day long conference goodness starts. I've been looking at the agenda for a while and marking the sessions that I'm interested in. I've put my list below. My plan is to attend the first session in each slot and see if I can watch the rest via recordings after the conference.

And if you're going to be at NDC Oslo next week and don't mind talking to strangers send me a tweet! Always nice to have a few drinks and meet new folks.




~ Hakan