Hi, I'm Hakan.

I'm a software engineer & architect with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible.

I have been professionally developing software for 15 years and have served as lead developer on a number of small and large projects.

To name a few, my hands-on skills include .NET, .NET Core, MVC, Web APIs, C#, Node.js, JavaScript (and TypeScript), Angular and React. Taking advantage of the cloud, like Azure and AWS, is a big preference / passion of mine and I enjoy working in large scale systems (traffic & data) where non-functional requirements are also crucial.

I'm a big believer of automation and building quality controls INTO the product rather than trying to enforce them from the outside - which I think is the only way towards Continuous Integration, DevOps and ultimately to a high performing team.

I live in Amsterdam and currently working on a project at Van Lanschot where we're building the wealth management portal of the future. Application is already serving thousands of clients and hundreds of Van Lanschot bankers and it's getting better everyday.

I write about my experiences in software development on my blog: https://www.hakantuncer.com and on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/hakant

To get in touch, drop me an email (hakantuncer at gmail) or send me a tweet @hakant. Always nice to have a friendly chat.